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Eventos Seminários Lisboa


Involve all your team in the company's future challenges. Strategic seminars are key to co-defining a common vision, strategies and concrete actions to achieve them.

Make each individual of a team become a contributor and a change agent.



Organizing a business seminar is a complex process that requires careful planning and a personalized approach.


We start by closely listening to you to define your issues and needs, in order to set up appropriate follow-up indicators

We work in co-construction with you to understand your challenges and goals, and create a customized seminar tailored to your needs.  

We carry out a preliminary analysis in order to orchestrate an adapted program: working groups, collective moments, brainstroming, and more.

Organizing a business seminar is a complex process that requires careful planning and a personalized approach.

We begin by actively listening to you to identify your needs, issues, and goals, and establishing the appropriate follow-up indicators.

Through co-construction with you, we understand your challenges and objectives, and create a customized seminar for you.

To ensure a seamless seminar experience, we conduct a preliminary analysis to orchestrate a suitable program that includes adapted animations, such as working groups, collective moments, and brainstorming activities.


During the event, we make sure that all activities defined beforehand run smoothly.

We follow up on all the registered participants as well as the logistics and stewardship.


We propose a two-steps approach that combines work and conviviality.

  • Workshops to encourage sharing and creativity

  • Group activities to create a great team cohesion where we can involve specialists (coach, speaker...)

We sincerely believe that team collaboration leads to greater efficiency in your work.


Feedback from a business event is crucial to measure its success and evaluate the work done.


After the seminar, it's important to set a work plan to follow up on the projects that have been started and to continue the work to successfully make the transition from ideas to implementation

The post-seminar follow-up is essential in the development of strategic projects


Effective communication with you team, whether they were involved in the seminar or not, is essential to maintain buy-in to the strategy and ensure the long-term success of the event.

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