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After meeting at work and quickly forming a beautiful and strong friendship, we decided to create ACAR Corporate Events, convinced of the importance of building working relationships.

Co-founders of ACAR Corporate Events based in Portugal

Audrey & Candice

A Common vision

We both began our careers in large French corporations, where we noticed the challenges that companies were facing in terms of a lack of team spirit, low staff motivation, decreased productivity, and high rates of employee resignations following the Covid pandemic.


Inspired by our experiences, we both strongly believed in the importance of putting people and collaboration at the center of business concerns.


Based on this belief, the idea spontaneously arised to create an event consulting company to provide concrete and unique solutions to these challenges.


Audrey's Portuguese roots, our shared love for the dynamic and sunny city of Lisbon, and the recent excitement for this capital led us to base our business here.



Our mission


Through dynamic and creative support, we use our complicity, positive energy, and kindness to organize targeted, and influential events that bring tangible and impactful solutions to both employers and employees.


With Candice being more operational and focused on detail and Audrey bursting with ideas, we complement each other in our work style and bring our best to every project we take on.

We are determined to help you have a relevant impact on your team and on the company's future.

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